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Colorado Fugitive, FBI Most Wanted Arrested

Colorado Crime Update

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– A Colorado fugitive recently placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list has been arrested.

It didn’t take long after the FBI added Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias to its 10 Most Wanted list for him to end up in custody.

He’s wanted in Jefferson County for the Aug. 17, 2011, stabbing death of Richard Limon, 69, of Denver, a family acquaintance of Rivera Gracias’ girlfriend. Limon’s body was found alongside a road on Lookout Mountain just west of Golden.

Three other suspects already have pleaded guilty to taking part in the killing, including a man authorities said held Limon’s legs while Rivera Gracias wrapped duct tape around Limon’s head to try to suffocate him. When that didn’t work, Rivera Gracias stabbed Limon nine times with a steak knife, which broke when it punctured his heart, authorities said.

According to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court, Rivera Gracias…

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Nums: A world of battling algorithms

The Homa Files

I’ve been getting back into behavioral economics and predictive analytics.

Led me back to a cool 15 minute TED Talk.

Tech entrepreneur Kevin Slavin tells how algorithms have reached across industries and into every day life.

A couple of lines caught my attention:

  • There are more than 2,000 physicists working on Wall Street developing operational algorithms
  • Massive scale speed trading is dependent on millisecond read & respond rates …
  • So, firms are physically literally locating right next to internet routing hubs to cut transmission times
  • And, of course, there isn’t time for human intervention and control
  • “We may be building whole worlds we don’t really understand, and can’t control.”

Worth listening to this pitch … a very engaging geek who may be onto something big.

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Police Explore New Leads In Dylan Redwine Disappearance

CBS Denver

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4)– Detectives have followed up on new leads in the disappearance of Dylan Redwine.

The teenager has been missing for four months. The 14-year-old disappeared from his father’s home in Vallecito in November 2012, the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Investigators said they have tracked down a boy who a postal worker saw walking with Redwine the afternoon he disappeared. They questioned him and determined that he is not connected to Dylan’s disappearance.

They’ve also found the man who was seen in Vallecito looking for gas that day. Investigators have ruled him out as someone linked to his disappearance.

A reward for finding Redwine tops $50,000.

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Situational Awareness by all citizens can prevent child abductions. 


According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), “many child abductions are witnessed by people who do not realize that a crime is being committed.”  If you see something questionable, write it down–descriptions of people, location, license plates–because a child throwing a tantrum when a parent tries to leave the mall/playground/store, and a child being pulled away kicking and screaming by an abductor can seem very similar, and while it is an innocent situation most of the time, sometimes it is not. 


Therefore, it stands to reason that we should all remember, just as NCJRS says, “nothing prevents a citizen from evaluating the circumstances, intervening, and, certainly, from noting descriptions and licenses numbers.”

Dylan Redwine’s Angry Parents Duke It Out On Dr. Phil

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Where is Dylan Redwine? That question was the focus of the Dr. Phil Show Tuesday as he interviewed the missing teen’s parents.

The 14-year-old boy disappeared last November from his father’s home near Durango. As soon as the show hit the air tips from across the nation started flooding into the La Plata County Sheriff’s Department. Investigators were watching the show as well to see if they could pick up any new details.

The good news is Dylan’s picture was shown throughout the show and that has prompted many new tips already. The show also gave viewers a sense of how difficult the investigation has been for police trying to get any sort of concrete information out of the two very angry parents, Elaine and Mark Redwine.

[worldnow id=8500883 width=420 height=278 type=video]

“What is your greatest fear right now?” Dr. Phil asked Elaine Redwine.

“That he’s not…

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Investigators Flooded With Tips After Missing Teen’s Parents Appear On Dr. Phil

CBS Denver

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4)– Investigators in La Plata County have been flooded with tips from callers after the parents of missing teen Dylan Redwine appeared on Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil interviewed Dylan’s parents, Mark and Elaine, on Tuesday afternoon’s show. Both parents blamed each other for Dylan’s disappearance.

On Wednesday, Dr. Phil interviews Dylan’s older brother, Cory. He won’t even call his father “Dad,” referring instead to him as “Mark.”
[worldnow id=8509213 width=420 height=278 type=video]

Cory also voices some suspicions.

“I think that Mark has something to do with it. I think he’s either got him hidden out or done something. I strongly think he’s involved,” said Cory. “He hasn’t done a single thing since Dylan has been gone.”

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Dr. Phil – The Search for Dylan Redwine: Part 2 (Feb. 27th, 2013)

From YouTube

“In Part 2 of this Dr. Phil mystery, the family of 14-year-old Dylan Redwine, who has been missing for three months, continues to search for answers. Dr. Phil sits down one-on-one with Dylan’s father, Mark, in an effort to help find Dylan. Was he the last person to see the teen? And, what does Mark think happened to his son? Mark says he’s tired of having the finger pointed at him, and he’s willing to take a polygraph test to help clear his name. When the time comes, will he take the test?”

Dr. Phil – The Search for Dylan Redwine: Part 1 (Feb. 26th, 2013)

Back to basics: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Process

Paras Doshi - Blog

Once in a while I go back to basics to revisit some of the fundamental technology concepts that I’ve learned over past few years. Today, I want to revisit Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Process:

Here are the steps:

1) Raw Data

2) Data Pre processing (cleaning, sampling, transformation, integration etc)

3) Modeling (Building a Data Mining Model)

4) Testing the Model a.k.a assessing the Model

5) Knowledge Discovery

Here is the visualization:

knowledge discovery process data miningAdditional Note:

In the world of Data Mining and Knowledge discovery, we’re looking for a specific type of intelligence from the data which is Patterns. This is important because patterns tend to repeat and so if we find patterns from our data, we can predict/forecast that such things can happen in future.


In this blog post, we saw the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining process.

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Toying Around With Neural Networks

Dreaming Lucidly

Neural networks have been around in one form or another for millions of years.

Up until fairly recently (from 1940 onward) they were only implemented in wetware inside of various living organisms.  In recent decades it has become possible to implement neural networks on hardware and software to great effect in areas like speech recognition and computer vision.

There are many types of neural networks.  The feedforward neural network has been extensively studied and is often used to provide an introduction to the concepts underlying neural network technology.   The diagram below shows how an equation from introductory algebra can be interpreted as  a feedforward  neural network.

2-Layer NN Backprop Article Lin Eq Diagram

The feedforward neural network has “units” (the circles) that perform mathematical operations on the sum of outputs from connected units multiplied by the “weight” (the boxes) on the connection. The unit at the very end of the processing stream is the output unit which…

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