Situational Awareness by all citizens can prevent child abductions. 


According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), “many child abductions are witnessed by people who do not realize that a crime is being committed.”  If you see something questionable, write it down–descriptions of people, location, license plates–because a child throwing a tantrum when a parent tries to leave the mall/playground/store, and a child being pulled away kicking and screaming by an abductor can seem very similar, and while it is an innocent situation most of the time, sometimes it is not. 


Therefore, it stands to reason that we should all remember, just as NCJRS says, “nothing prevents a citizen from evaluating the circumstances, intervening, and, certainly, from noting descriptions and licenses numbers.”

About fdnropsec

I have earned a Bachelor of Science in International Relations from the University of Houston where I also minored in International Business and Print Journalism. During my time in the journalism field I had the unique opportunity to meet and interview President George W. Bush and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates during the lead up to the Iraq war. Since then my studies have focused on predictive analytics in the areas of nuclear counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence analysis and foreign policy analysis in a freelance capacity. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies at American Military University. I am a contributing member of the Academy of Political Science, member of the National Military Intelligence Association, and am an International Gold Key Scholar. That said, I have designed this collective analytical effort to operationalize and fuse various analytic frameworks so as to generate a predictive model that will mitigate cognitive bias, frivolous speculation, and nonsensical character assaults, and ultimately deliver comprehensive quantifiable OSINT products containing sound and transparent analytic judgments to the search for Dylan Redwine deliverable through a custom Geographic Information System (GIS).

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