COVOR FACT #3: Strength in Refusal, Secret Codes and Name Tags

Former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt offers valuable advice on how to safeguard your children from falling victim to a predator.  Among the many words of wisdom Van Zandt has to offer he reminds children they have the right to be forceful, saying, “you can be assertive and you have the right to say ‘No’ to someone, including adults and even relatives or friends who try to take you somewhere against your will, touch you or make you feel uncomfortable in ANY WAY.” 

Van Zandt also notes that, “many parents use a special code word that only the child knows to convey a message should someone other than a parent ask a child to accompany them anywhere.”  This offers an opportunity to bond with your child, while keeping them safe.  Try watching an age appropriate spy movie with them and talk about the code afterward.  They will think it a “cool” idea, and are more likely to recall in a time of danger. 

Finally, Van Zandt mentions something parents could innocently overlook.  When you buy your child something for school, be it notebooks, lunch totes, or backpacks, remember there is a right place and a wrong place to write your son or daughters name.  Notebooks are free space, but anything they will be carrying or displaying outwardly should have the name written on the inside.  According to Van Zandt you need to, “insure your child does not have his or her name on a backpack, etc., as this would enable a potential abductor to call out to the child by name,” and could make a preventable tragedy an awful reality.

You can read the article—“How to protect kids from predators, kidnappers”—at

COVOR your backside…Share this fact with at least one parent you know who loves their child because sharing is caring!       

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