Understanding the Redwine Model (TRM-COVOR)—SOCIAL MEDIA

TRM-COVOR operationalizes a Social Media Management plan to spread awareness and collect crowd sourced information that will increase the safety of children by providing a platform for analysis, and by carefully crafting questions that will help to determine the information needed, how it will be used, and who will use it (Mitchell 1999). Additionally, because TRM-COVOR is based in purpose, it will provide outputs that are characteristically descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive allowing for multiple methods of result distribution, such as maps, tables, and charts. When coupled with a validity assessment, COVOR GIS allows for quickly changing methods helpful for comparison, and an enhanced understanding of the overall investigation into the disappearance of Dylan Redwine, ultimately leading to greater levels of successful recovery of all missing children.

GIS has proven to be a vital component to successful recovery of missing children, therefore this system will pool statistical research on child abduction and child homicide—and an analysis of competing hypotheses—in order to discuss mapping basic missing child cases (MEDS), implications of statistical representations, the importance of neighborhood mapping, hybrid social media management, and detailed site specific analysis in the case of Dylan Redwine. This will set the stage for further exploration of the advancement of GIS and predictive modeling, making it clear GIS cannot provide an answer on its own, but highlighting that it can provide for an environment fostering creative thinking, organization, and efficiency.

Some Additional Reading

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About fdnropsec

I have earned a Bachelor of Science in International Relations from the University of Houston where I also minored in International Business and Print Journalism. During my time in the journalism field I had the unique opportunity to meet and interview President George W. Bush and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates during the lead up to the Iraq war. Since then my studies have focused on predictive analytics in the areas of nuclear counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence analysis and foreign policy analysis in a freelance capacity. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies at American Military University. I am a contributing member of the Academy of Political Science, member of the National Military Intelligence Association, and am an International Gold Key Scholar. That said, I have designed this collective analytical effort to operationalize and fuse various analytic frameworks so as to generate a predictive model that will mitigate cognitive bias, frivolous speculation, and nonsensical character assaults, and ultimately deliver comprehensive quantifiable OSINT products containing sound and transparent analytic judgments to the search for Dylan Redwine deliverable through a custom Geographic Information System (GIS).

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