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Authorities find clues in the search for Dylan Redwine

According to Colorado news 9 reporter Kevin Torres as many as 5 clues were located along the 12 mile stretch of Middle Mountain Road that may point to some answers in Dylan’s case.  Both parents have been called into Vallecito and tests are being run according to The report.  More details to come as they come in.  Keep up the search!

COVOR Fact #4: Knowledge is Power


Making certain your children are safe is priority number one.  A valuable source of information designed to aid in child abduction prevention can be found on the Illinois State Police (ISP) website.

The “Parents Guide to Preventing Child Abduction,” is broken down into 13 easy to understand tips/facts: Strangers are not always evil looking; How Child Molesters Gain a Child’s Confidence; Children are most vulnerable when left alone; Tell children to stay away from cars; Role Play with your kids; Report any suspicious activity immediately (Includes Tips for reporting suspicious activity); Children Should Try to Stay In Groups; Take time to know your surroundings; Strangers don’t always look evil; Walk away from streets; Stay away from cars; Yell and Tell; and finally, Recognize, React, and Report.

Talking to your children daily about safety practices is among the most important calls for action, and requires parents to be vigilant in regards to suspicious activity.  The guide points out, “Children do not put the same emphasis on suspicious activity as adults,” making it imperative for you the parent to ask direct questions in order to, “bring suspicious acts to light.”

Some tips for reporting suspicious activity are provided in the guide for cases involving a suspicious vehicle, and suspicious persons.  For vehicles always attempt to provide a license plate number and state, color of the vehicle, body style (i.e. # of doors, van, etc), location and the last known direction of travel, and if possible the description of occupants.

When reporting a suspicious person the ISP guide documents 7 areas of interest.  Remember to get the persons race, sex, clothing worn, facial features, height, weight, and location and direction of travel.  This vigilant reporting will help secure your child.  The guide urges immediately reporting suspicious activity is detrimental to the safety of all children.


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