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The power of information…

Missing Children KENYA

By Missing Children Kenya

Children’s innocence is enviable and liberating. However in a society that is increasingly complex and degrading its communal values, children need knowledge and information to discern their environment. Innocence leads to vulnerability while information leads to empowerment. Every week on national news, we hear of a case of a child who has gone missing or is exposed to abuse or exploitation. These cases are an ugly wake up call to parents and guardians.

How often do you speak to your child about their security? Have you empowered yourself with information? Do you wait to react to information your child gives you or do you proactively engage your child in educative conversations?

The time you spend with your child presents opportunities to empower him or her with age appropriate information. This week, Missing Children Kenya will share tips and advice on information to share with your child…

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Grant for parents of murdered, missing children attracts ‘modest’ number of applicants

An income-support program for parents of murdered and missing children that the federal government said would help hundreds of families annually attracted only  “modest” participation in its first year, an official said.

The grant provides $350 per week in income support for up to 35 weeks to parents who have had to take time away from work to cope with the death or disappearance of a child as a result of a crime.

Officials would not release to Postmedia News figures showing the number of applicants or recipients of the grant, which became available on Jan. 1, 2013.

“As the program is in its early phase of implementation, it is too early in the program to provide data without potentially jeopardizing the privacy of families,” said Eric Morrissette, a spokesman for Employment and Social Development Canada via email.

However, a government source later said “the numbers are modest.”

The Conservative…

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